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Managing our boats in Menorca is a simple, fun and very safe activity. Equally it is necessary to make a conscious use of the ships, for that reason here we make you a reminder of some norms of security.


- Never drive the boat if you are under the influence of alcohol.

- Before starting the engine make sure everyone is inside the boat and watch that there are no swimmers nearby. Never start the engine while people are near the boat in the water.

- Never drag anyone with a rope with the engine started, as the propeller of the engine could hurt the person you are dragging.

- Before bathing, properly anchor and switch off the engine.

- Respect the bathing areas delimited on the beach. In the coves there is a line of yellow buoys that delimit the area of ​​navigation of the area of ​​bathers.

- Respect the navigation limits. Our limits are from Cala Son Saura to the beach of Binigaus.

- Make a rational use of the boat, the end of the activity is to enjoy and discover comfortably the beautiful coves of the south of Menorca.

- Do not anchor above the Poseidonia (protected), always anchor in sand. -

- Do not barge (embark) the boat on the beach.

- Do not enter caves.



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