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The starting point is Cala Galdana and our navigation area is from Son Saura to Binigaus beach.

Galdana route direction Ciutadella

Leaving from Cala Galdana to the right direction Ciutadella (West), the first virgin cove you will find is Cala Macarella and Cala Macaralleta, Cala macarella is one of the most famous coves of Menorca, in this cove there is a lifeguard and a small beach bar.

After visiting and bathing in this wonderful cove, we continue towards Ciutadella (right), we will find Cala en Turqueta, beautiful cove as its name has not been chosen at random, its blue waters and fine sand make its name a reflection of the reality that is hidden in this cove. Like many other coves of the south In Turqueta is hidden among pines, with which the views from the sea are spectacular ....

Going out is continued direction Ciutadella, the next cove is, Cala Des Talaier, is one of the smallest and hidden coves of Menorca, nevertheless ceases to be beautiful ...

Following the same direction, the next cove is Son Saura, is one of the largest virgin beaches in Menorca, is divided into two halves and the water is very clean, there is a lifeguard.

This point is the boundary of the navigation zone.



Cala Galdana towards Mahón

From Galdana in the direction of Mahón (leaving to the left), the first cove you will find is Cala Mitjana and Cala Mitjaneta, this unspoiled and unspoiled coastal area is characterized by medium size, fine white sand, small cliffs, flanking it, covered with leafy pine, calm and crystalline water, sand bottom where it is possible to anchor.

Leaving direction to the left (East) and before reaching the next cove you will find Es Pont de n'Aleix, a whim of nature, where you can spend with your boat.

Following the same direction you will find Cala Trebalúger, a very isolated cove and difficult to reach on foot, it is one of the pearls of the south with white sand and clear blue waters, one of the things that differentiate it from the other coves , Is the small river that empties into the sea

Leaving Trebalúger and continuing to the left, you will arrive at Cala Fustam and Cala Escorxada, probably the most hidden and lost coves on the south coast, especially because of its difficult access on foot, which is rare to find many people in it.

Following the same direction we find a long beach is Binigaus, with an islet very close to the beach.

This point is the boundary of the navigation zone.


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